Street Rat // Spoiled Brat

by Average Joey

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This album was recorded in two days in Hanover, PA by Drew Bankert in his friend Josh's abandoned house.
These songs are a collection of writings and music from the summers of '13-'14.

Also, please be aware that the song "Freedom is an American Word" is a peace of satire, and not to be taken seriously.


released October 27, 2014

All music and lyrics by Joey Schuller (except for the sweet riff from "Cure for the Blues." I totally stole that from my friend Ben Roberson)

Recorded and Mixed by Drew Bankert

Cover photo by Micah Jameson



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Red Handed
The shirt that I wear was made in a factory
where children are locked in and they are not allowed to leave
and though you may not know it, and though it's hard to see
I've got blood on my hands

The food that I eat is a product of cruelty
sacrificing souls for a quick bite to eat
and I'll compromise my morals cuz I'm hungry and it's cheap
I've got blood on my hands

The car that I drive it runs on gasoline
while the Earth is drained of the things that it needs
to fulfill a corporate mission statement of greed
I've got blood on my hands

I've got blood on my hands
I've got blood on my hands
I might be feeling fine,
out of sight out of mind
but I've got blood on my hands

The vote that you cast is a vote in support
of corrupt old bureaucrats who send young folks to war
and you see the bombs on TV, change channels cause you're bored
you've got blood on your hands

The corporate store you frequent just shut down a Mom and Pop
in the family for years but they had to close up shop
and they walk into the chain store because they need a new job
you've got blood on your hands

Somewhere a single mother works two jobs everyday
but can't support her family on her minimum wage pay
when we ignore that this world still has slaves
we've got blood on our hands

There's a building full of food while people starve out in the streets
and if you can't afford it than you don't deserve to eat
and if you try to cheat the system you'll be beaten by police
who literally have blood on their hands

I'll never have to face the monsters that I help create
I'll never have to see the violence that I help maintain
when I remain complacent every single day
I've got blood on my hands

The songs that I sing might never make a difference
but we have to acknowledge that these evils exist
because if we live in ignorance than we might never rinse
All this blood from our hands
Track Name: The Story of a Little Mouse
There is a little mouse in a park in Philadelphia
it is sick, it is weak, it is just a baby
it stumbles when it walks, crippled and blind
infected and rejected, I saw a bug creep out it's eye
I would cringe when people pass and nearly squish it underfoot
I wish my eyes could revive I wish I had what it took
but giving up and giving in it fell down to it's side
and writhed around on the pavement for a while till it died

And the pigeons pecked it, they pulled it right apart
Never had a chance, it was doomed right from the start
to feed the fiendish birds who will never get their fill
surviving off the scraps that this cruel world has killed

the weak they will provide
so the strongest can strive
the dying and the dead
and those who go unfed
they taste best when swallowed whole

The caos that conquers is looking pretty dark
without our shared suffering it would all just fall apart
as a mouse starves to death on the cold path of a park
next to a statue some consider art
as people pass it by with their lucky living hearts
and I watch on just playing my part
I'm just doing my part
Track Name: Cure for the Blues
These days they drive me crazy
I don't know what to do
So I go out searchin' for
a way to cure my blues

Come home from a hard days work
sit down flip on the news
they say we started a new war
now I've got to cure my blues

Step into that ballot box
they say I've got to choose
between two evils
but neither got my cure for the blues

In a world of competition
somebody's got to lose
so fight your way to the top
or find yourself with the bottom blues

some people go to church
some people drink the booze
but living in ignorance
that won't cure my blues

they tell me just get comfy
sit down and consume
but none of that plastic shit
will cure my blues

I think I hear it coming
that impending doom
from the summit I hear the plummet
that harsh ground is coming soon
Track Name: Gainesville Gals
There's so many pretty gals in Gainesville
that sometimes my heart gets overwhelmed
and now I'm falling for every person I meet
cause girls or boys or anything in between
this town is full of beautiful human beings

Taking care of your friends is what this town's all about
but I'm too broke to buy you drinks
and I can't afford to take you out
but I can play a banjo and I can sing a tune
I don't need any money to write a song for you

When I first came here I was just passing through
and the people warned me this town will suck you in
and I understood once I was introduced
to a beautiful community
a family full of love
Thank you all for everything you've done
I think that's why this town is so damn hard to leave
because the drinks are cheap but the friendships they are free
Track Name: Compass
Our little tribe is just a microcosm
for the world at large we've all got the same problems
we all want to eat
we all want to feed our addictions

It's just that yours is a TV screen, ours is malt liquour
I don't know which one is killin brain cells quicker but
I'd rather destroy myself than just wither away

so I'll let caos be my compass
my gut will be my guide
I'm on the brink of death but I've never felt more alive
We'll be living in Utiopia
a few moments at a time
with long intervals of Hell in between

Social Deviants on the forefronts of freedom
your products are a prison and we know we don't need 'em
because we've got each other, though it might be fleeting
We're all locked in one cage or another
but I know that we can all help each other
if we stay alive we'll be in love
but if we die it'll be in each other's arms

We'll be living in Utopia
a few moments at a time
with long intervals of Hell in between
Rebellion ain't no fun
but having fun is my favorite form of rebellion
we'll learn the difference between looking good and being beautiful

Those night we shared are the only thing I care about
sharing love and sorrow
sharing stories and 40oz
because we don't know where we'll end up tomorrow
and these people walk in and out of my life
just long enough for people to learn to love them
now my heart is scattered through time and space
I guess that's what you get when you're always running away

So I'll let caos be my compass
my gut will be my guide
I'm on the brink of death but I've never felt more alive
If I fail at least I tried
I'll retreat with my hands pointed towards the sky
to the place
where the outcasts go to die
Track Name: No Dough
Ignoring warnings from the flashing lights on my dashboard
they just remind me of the problems that I can't afford
and I don't see the need to be strapped into my seat
cuz I'm too worried about how long we can coast on E

Goddamn I'm Broke
so fucking broke
goddamn I'm broke
but I can still get my fix

Ignoring warnings from the surgeon general
I light another smoke
who needs food when you've got nicotine
let's just push on down the road
I would love to say we can turn up the radio
but the speakers are blown out so we'll just have to sing the songs we know

Goddamn I'm poor
So fucking poor
Goddamn I'm poor
but I'm feeling good

Ignoring warnings from my family and all of my friends
I never got no money but I have plenty of time to spend
doing only what I love and I'll say "fuck the rest"
my only boss is this heart in my chest
I'll do what I know, I'll learn what I can
because what you call the real world I just don't understand
these behaviors are contrived, they make us waste our time
feeding the swine who just push us back in line
that is not for me, no I have got a spine
brother could you spare a dime?

I'm such a bum
such a fucking bum
I'm such a bum
but I'm having fun
Track Name: What Helps Me Sleep At Night
You know I'm gonna be alright
One of these days I will ease my troubled mind
These words they help me sleep at night

I know my friends will never die
I will never have any reason to cry
these words they help me sleep at night

One day I will see the light
this fire in my belly it will finally ignite
these words they help me sleep at night

One day we will all unite
stop barking at the man, this time we will bite
these words they help me sleep at night

I am fighting the good fight
I make a difference, I always do what's righte
these words they help me sleep at night

One day I will learn to fly
I will finally be free, I will have dreams
but for now I just can't sleep at night
Track Name: Freedom's An American Word
I'm an American man
cold beer in my hand
sittin' on the back porch soakin' it in
I got my girl my side
hop in the chevy for a ride
with my dog Butch, and they're all mine
I see my mama every day
she makes the best lemonade
and she cooks and cleans just like she should
Fall on my knees and pray
speak to the Lord and say
"Thank you God for choosing my land, the USA"

Freedom's an American word
floatin just like a bird
you know I will always love this land
Freedom's an American word
our anthem will be heard
soon the whole world will understand

Livin' the American Dream
playin' on the winning team
the stars and stripes swell my heart with pride
and when I die
I'll go to that Nascar track up in the sky
Gonna give ol' number 3 a big high five

It's been 13 years since
the day we aid we'd never forget
and we went over there and did what had to be done
bad guys speakin in tounges
they hate us cuz were number 1
freedom isn't free, sometimes you gotta take it with a gun
Track Name: Weary Feet
I don't know where I'm goin but I'll tell you where I've been
drownin' in misery, living a life of sin
but I'm gonna change my ways, this time I swear it's true
been singing this same song for too long, it's time for something new

I'm goin up north for to see my sweatheart
it's been too long since the day we did part
when I get there I'll have a lot to explain
but I know she'll take me back, she'll see how I've changed

I went out searchin for something that can never be found
and I survive off what I find on the ground
I would go for broke, but brother I'm already there
I want to be strong, but my weakness is I'm all too aware

I been out roamin', ramblin', gamblin' too
Screamin in a room full of fools
Now my memories, they are nothing but a haze
stood up on the soapbox, found I never had much to say

I'm not askin' for forgiveness
I just looking for some help
because God as my witness
I've been going though Hell

I'm goin to rest my weary feet
It's time my troubled mind took the big sleep
I have never known a home, but I hear something calling me
When I get there I hope I will finally feel free
Track Name: Open Ended Apologies
I can’t keep living like this
Holding a grudge against myself
I can’t keep tightening a fist
I must reach my hand out

I want to empathize
If only it were that easy
I want to apologize
I hope the world can forgive me

For the dead, for the asleep
For the people clinging to a dream

For the numb for the aware
For the brave who are fucking scared

For the strong and for the weak
For the lovers of this world I weep

For my pride and for my shame
Sacrifices in a stranger’s name

For the war and for the poor
For those we choose to ignore

For the veteran living on the street
And the hero he wanted to be

For assimilation to a vacant nation
For my submission to domination

For those who fear a sunny sky
Because liberation might strike any time

For the victim for the cop
Everyone who’s just doing their job

For the bird locked in a cage
And the prisoners who keep someone paid

For the structures that wall us in
People who say “That’s just the way it is”

For everyone doing what they think is right
But can’t figure out what’s wrong with their life

For the bad habits I reinforce
Letting a suicide run it’s course

For the wish and the command
For the stifling invisible hand

For the cause that is called lost
The struggle that is global holocaust

For the money and time spent
To do evil and then repent

For the child that makes my clothes
For the goddamned CEO’s

For the culture that consumes
And the hope of impending doom

For the glory and remorse
Those who see the forest for the resource

For the cattle and the slaughterhouse
For taking part it what we all renounce

For the marginalized people who can barely cope
With what some call a good joke

For the offensive undertones
Of a place that I call home

For the privilege I take for granted
And comments that are heavy handed

For the enlightened and the ignorant
Who see the simple and the complex

For heaven sent furious flame
The angels and the demons fighting in my brain

For the rise and for the fall
For the nothingness that created all

For all these songs, all this cheap talk
For all the bad things I have thought