Star Struck // Beginner's Luck

by Average Joey

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This is my first shot at solo stuff. Thanks for checkin' it


released September 13, 2012

All music and lyrics written by Joey Schuller
Recorded in Drew Bankert's basement using his equipment. Thanks Trew!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Carpe Diem is Latin for "Quit Your Job"
I called off work today
It’s the best decision I ever made
I could have busted my ass
For a little cash
But instead I’m here and I’m havin’ a blast

So give me a hug
And it’s not because I’m drunk
It’s cuz I know how infrequently
Nights like these come along

When were all old
And wallowing in misery
So take some time
And store this moment in your memory

If the world should end tonight
I’d go out with a grin
that’d be alright
At least I’d go in good company
But that probably won’t happen
But at least we can pretend
The sun will never come up
And this night will never end

Someday we’ll all be old
And won’t see each other for years
We might not even remember
Eachother’s names

But tonight we are together
And nothing could be better
So let’s dance so hard
we’ll never be the same

Some day we will die
But tonight we are alive
So clear your throat
And grab a friend

Cuz tonight we are here
So lets drink some fuckin’ beer
And pretend
That this night will never end

Yes tonight we are young
And I love each and every one
Of you who convinced me to call off work
And have some fun
Track Name: Poor Astro
My dog Astro
Thinks I can spend the whole day
Rubbin’ on his belly
But life doesn’t work that way

How I wish
Life was that simple
But I’ve got to go to work
So I can pay for dog food

But poor Astro
He just don’t comprehend
Every time I try to explain
He rolls on his back again

Poor Astro
He just don’t understand
Our priorities and duties
And the foolish ways of man

My dog Astro
He’s got nothing but love
He loves nothing more
Than a belly rub

And he deserves it
He’s a good boy
But I can tell
He’s tired of being a house pet

He wants to get outside
He wants to explore
He wants to sniff around
He feels trapped and he’s bored

He wants to chase some rabbits
He doesn’t want to eat off a plate
Because he’s an animal
And Oh I can relate

Poor Astro
He’s getting fat and old
But he’s still so wild
He doesn’t want to be told
To sit
Or stay
Or fetch n
Or heal
And I know just how he feels
Track Name: Fuck The World. Save The Planet.
It’s becoming pretty obvious
that nature is pissed off at us
she’s got every right to be
she gave us everything we need

but we rape her till she bleeds
and copyright the seeds
I wish the paper I wrote this song on
Was still a tree
This planet was a ripe and luscious fruit
But people are a mold and now it’s rotten
So please forgive us human beings
For it seems we have forgotten
That were just one small part
Of one big living ball

But were too self centered
We think we know it all

We’d rather have smoke than fresh air
We trade flowers for concrete and buildings where
They keep us scared and they keep us busy
They keep us fat and they keep us lazy

We are wild animals and this city’s a zoo
If that’s what you call freedom theres no hope for you

This planet is nothing more
Than one big organism
But we say to hell with harmony
And now its using its defense mechanism

People are just a horrible disease
The worlds shaking us off her back like a dog with fleas

I don’t need a Mayan calander
To tell me that the end is near
If you would unglue from your TV
It would seem pretty clear

We can’t go on like this what should we do?
I just hope the prophecies are true

I hope mother nature Shows her wrath
So she can be free to grow her green grass
I think the planet will make a comeback
And if people are extinct I’m okay with that

I’m absolutely disgraced with the human race
And without us here, the world will be a better place
Track Name: Words of a Hypocrite
I tried to roll my own cigs
But it was way too hard
And I still buy my produce
From the local Walmart
I’d love to tell you
I’m speaking from the heart
But it’s so easy to lie
And call it art

I should call this song
Words of a hyprcrite
Because I get my kicks
Feeding you bullshit

You can’t write a song
And call it resistance
And you can’t sing along
And call it commitment

I would rob a bank
But I don’t think I’d last in jail
And I’d start a revolution
But I’m not sure what that entails
I would look for a solution
But I’m part of the problem
Because I’ll call out every issue
But singing songs is no way to solve them

I should call this song
My best disguise
Because I get off
On feeding you lies

If I’m not a liar
I’ll set something on fire
I’ll spit in the face of the next person
Who tells me that I’m hired

Punk until I die
Show me that’s not a lie

I know it’s bliss
But the only thing worse than ignorance
Is knowing how bad things are
And not doing a damn thing about it
Track Name: Justification for a Dropout
I went to school for 12 years and they never taught me
How to take care of my self
And why would they?
Conflict of their interests of control

So we sit in our seats and we do what were told
We don’t question anything
we were trained to shut our mouths
You can’t stand up if they own your soul

So I might be a drop out
But I’ll never finish my education
I’ve got a thirst for knowledge
But I’m not one for indoctrination
I beat the shit out of my body
But I take good care of my mind
I’ll hit the road and see what I find

So I might smoke a pack a day
But you’re addicted to your pay
Doing something you hate
Doing what they say

I’m rotting my lungs but you’re rotting your brain
Lost in a screen and your eyes are glazed
Stuffing your face locked in a cage

So I’m willing to go hungry
At least I’d have a reason to feel empty inside
I beat the shit out of my body
But I take good care of my mind
Lately I just don’t feel satisfied
With anything, I’ve made up my mind

So I’m runnin’ away from home
Like a child throwin’ a fit
And I’m screamin’ just as loud

So If comfort involves being brain dead
And sanity is acting like everyone else
Then I’d rather go without

I’d rather live what I believe
Than just pretend
Its always been the crazy ones
Who are right, time and again
my friends think I’m losing my mind
But this is the first time in my life
I’ve got my head on straight, I made up my mind
Track Name: All Six Senses
It’s a lot of the same
I don’t know what I am
I don’t know who to blame

I can feel the heat from the flame
I feel outta my brain
Locked in this cage

The devil stole the souls of my shoes
Now my feet are tired
From these walkin’ blues

But for me it’s either that or a noose
And they both sound better
than a lousy excuse

for a plan for the rest of your life
Than a love full of lies
And a plastic disguise

Because I see your disappointment
And I feel your regret

And I smell the dead brain cells
How far can I fall?
I’m already in Hell

I hear it in your voice
It’s too late for you
You made your choice

I taste it in your sigh
So if that’s all life is
I’d rather die

But for me I’ve got to believe
That there’s something better
Than monotony

I’m the only one stoppin’ me
Nobody is stopping me
There won’t be stopping me
Now theres just no stoppin’ me

I’ve had my fare share of suspision
I’ve had these visions
Now they’re coming to fruition

It’s time to go extinct or evolve
Ignorance is bliss
I want to know it all

But you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
So I’ll burn this town down,
a sacrifice to the sun

And next I’ll set fire to the planet
Cuz when you’ve got nothing
Nothing’s taken for granted

Nothing’s taken for granted
Track Name: Apathy is the Enemy
If there’s anyone left in this world
Who wants something more than what they can’t afford
Let’s hash a scheme and we’ll build a crew
We’ll make a plot and we’ll see it through
Yea, this time we’ll see it through

If there’s anyone here who wants to set things right
Let’s join hands and let’s hold them tight
We’ll turn ‘em into fists and fight the good fight
We’ll walk from the darkness to light
Structure fires are our guiding light

If there’s anyone in this place
Who hasn’t lost hope let me see your face
Let me here you scream until you turn blue
Because I have faith in you
Who needs God, I believe in you


Is there anyone in this room
Who can feel the heat of impending doom
It’s becoming pretty clear the end is near
That’s why I’m not concerned with a career
That’s based in exploitation and fear

Is there anyone here who’s got the muscle
And the strength to so through the struggle
Nothing I want comes without conflict
And I’m sick of taking it easy
Convenience will be the death of our species

Is there anyone in this joint
Who feels fed up and doesn’t see the point
In wasting away in front of their TV
Enjoying ignorance or apathy
Not content with complacency


Is there anyone here who’s willing to try
To confront these issues with more than a sigh
We’ve gotta stay honest in a world full of lies
Before we comply, let’s ask ourselves why?
It’s what we’ve got to do to survive

If there’s anyone left in my life
Who’s really alive and isn’t a slave with a price
I feel like we are a dying breed
Surrounded by liars and greed
On the weak they feed

If there’s anyone in this mess
Who wants something better, we must do our best
To carry on before we go extinct
An endangered kind, those who think
Were on the brink of destruction I think

Is there anyone here who just won’t stop
No matter how much they threaten with their Gods or cops
You say I can’t change the world, but I’ll give it a shot
You ask why even try, well it’s all I’ve got
I might not, but what else have we got?
Track Name: Here's A Reminder
I hope my friends don’t miss me when I’m gone
I hope they know that’s why I sing these songs
And maybe if you sing along
Maybe then I’ll carry on
I’m not sayin’ I’m gonna die
But soon I’m skippin’ town and I might not say goodbye
I might not see you for a while
But maybe you’ll find this cd and this song will make you smile
It will remind you of the good times that we had
I might be gone but I’m still singing to you so don’t be sad
That I’m long gone, who knows where I’ll be then
Maybe out on the road, searchin’ for heaven
Or maybe I’ve found a place to stop
Maybe I’ll finally just shut up and get a job
And that’s my greatest fear of all
But if it happens, I’ll remember tonight and I’ll remember you all

This is the part where I tell you everythings okay
Even though it’s not
But because I play my guitar this way
Its hard not to be happy with being lost

So listen up my friends and listen good
I’m sorry for screamin’ but I want it to be understood
In a world full of greed
You are all that I need
And I might hate the world, but you mean the world to me

So listen up my friends and listen well
When I die, I am probably goin’ to hell
And I know that you’ll all be there to greet me
And we can hold hands while we burn for eternity