Next Exit // Rest Neglected

by Average Joey

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These songs were written between the Spring of 2015 and Winter 2016, and recorded by Kasey Fusco at ETC studios in Ambridge, PA

4th River Music Collective


released February 25, 2016

Music and lyrics by Joey Schuller

Recorded and Mixed by Kasey Fusco at Etc. Studios

Banjo / Guitar / Piano / Jaw Harp / Drums / Synth / Vocals - Joey Schuller
Stand-up Bass - James Bristol
Singing Saw - Kyle Stinson
Cello - Fanny Rose
EMX crazy sound box - Kasey Fusco
Percussion - Ian Hill, James Bristol, Joey Schuller

Thank you very, very much to the community of people who support me both as a musician and as a human being. Without the family of friends in Pittsburgh and all around the damn place that I have to fall back on, trust in, and share with, I would be nothing.



Track Name: In My Dreams
When I fall into a deep sleep I can see things that I can barely believe
I see people seizing to celebrate a blooming sprawl
I read the simple reasoning that makes us one and all
every creature unique and involved
Oh, the glory of feeling small
plant my feet, breathe in deep and soak it in
when I awaken the nightmare begins

I don't know if I'll ever go to that place, that escape in my mind
I can try to just take off and fly
and maybe what I find will be just like that dream
Track Name: When In Roam
If your bones long to roam if you know just where to go, then leave
if you don't let them show you how much you've yet to see and you'll find
how strangers become family and you'll find how similar all people can be

If you feel that nothings real from your fate there's no escape, just free your will
Plant you feet breathe in deep and you'll see how nothing's fake and you'll find that empathy is emptiness somehow and you'll find the best way to fill up for now

If you can't reach what it is you seek put your hands down by your side and open wide
find the sky open your eyes and you'll see how much is inside and you'll find that's all you ever really need and you'll find that is such a relief
Track Name: Skatopia
Well we're havin' our fun and shootin' our guns
it don't matter where the bullets hit
we're all family here, we know the end is near
that's why we live with no regret

So you want to debate just leave it at the gate
this is our little escape
we all got something to say
get out of my way
you'll never be heard over the rage

When the fire dies down
the music's just a sound
and you start inhaling smoke
you lose your humor about how
life's a joke

you start to come down the encroaching clouds
reveal reality
there's nothing left to give up on
so nothing's free

there's something in the wind
that wipes off that fucking grin
and someday you'll be proud
to shut your fuckin' mouth
the venom in your gut
boils and spills up
and you're finally sick of all the fun

Now we know the violence in the rain
that our pleasure causes much pain
so we stick to the plan
ignore what we can't sustain
so we cut off our heads
speak to the dead
and wonder why we can't connect
in this mangled ceremony
the lies of our lives just project

when I hear the forest howlin'
from the jests of it's unwelcomed guests
I will know how far we are from respect
when the righteous remain their honor reclaimed
is inflames or already done died
when your body starts shakin' what's worse is inside

that gluttony and greed
want turns to need
those who claim to feel
are numb to what is real
and the saviors of our time
self flagellate to the song of the scum realized

Indulgence turns to revulsion
the butterflies turn to brick in the gut
the feeling of trust turns to disgust
as the rust is wiped away
from these reflections

At least we finally got what we wished
and watched it all turn into shit
the bridges crumble above the rift
in laughter I hear the silence
in love I feel the violence
my body burns as I'm sent adrift
Track Name: Becoming An Artist In Order To Dismantle Capitalism: A Fairy Tale
there dwells a dark creature among us whose tongue twists backwards spits fire
it feasts without remorse and the land is all scorched
and it lulls us to sleep with a song I say, sings us to sleep with a song

When we wake the rage fills up our lungs
our fists clench with plans of revenge
let us gather our might
prepare for to fight
so we may live our lives without fear one and all

when we ride let the wind be at our back
let the fury find us through the flame
we shall no longer be servants to the murderous serpent
will shall kill the God to once we prayed
death to the god we once praised

Our time has come now for glory
freedom can nearly be felt
kiss your lover goodnight
for tomorrow we fight
we all know how this battle will end, my friends

When we reached the dark dripping lair
our sabers aimed to strike the beast down
but as we approached
his voice did invoke
us to throw down our swords
and praise our true lord
and serpent swallowed us whole, I say
even swallowed our souls

our people sit sick and frail
the monster it grows bigger still
he continues to feast
were in the belly of the beast
we're beginning to call it our home now
in the darkness we found our home
Track Name: Freedumb
You can hitch a ride
you can hop a train
will that satisfy your brain?
you can pack a bag
and hit the road
tell me where will you unload

Livin' wild, Livin' free
Tell me just what does that mean?

You can drink a brew
you can have a toke
no one ever gets the joke
you can live a life
right and true
tell me where will that get you?

You can set sail
and travel the sea
one day wash up
as debris
you can take a hike
and walk the land
will you ever understand?

So fuck the system
fuck the man
kill the cops
let bankers hang
but the man he's got
iron fists
all we got are stones and sticks
so build a cabin in the woods
will that do you any good
live a life of solitude
one day end up as worm food

so get a job
do as you're told
live secure and then get old
raise a family
proud and true
so they can pay their
taxes too
Track Name: Waste Land
If I can sleep that's a relief
the closest thing to heaven I will ever see
while I'm awake I hear the wrath as it goes growling through hell's firey lake
Wasteland I roam no place is home no where to rest these shakin' bones
purpose pretended attempt to mend it but the traps in the cracks are easily befriended
it's what I get a fistful of regret the pieces that I build they will not connect
my body tries to find something alive
I collect shells and expel unanswered cries

there are no good words, no tricks to learn only shapes to fear and shadows to burn
wind whispers cold of days of old of creatures crushed and landscapes sold
these bonding buildings feel the gift of the guilty and grieve the death of the mentally healthy

I used to plea for to be free I asked for quiet now the silence speaks to me
Track Name: All The Small Things
The roots ran deep long before the street that I'm walkin' on were ever conceived but they paved the way to a new day to day and harmony's art was carved away
When the concrete begins to crack it lifts us up Our mother is fighting back
in silent subtle acts of resistance, the sidewalk shifts, in growth nothing's exact

So I ripped my heart right out of my chest and planted it right there in the ground
if I direct my intentions to death my life may resonate profound

I met a man on the street with grizzled teeth, he asks me what I'm doing here. At first I can't answer without sounding cheap but then it becomes perfectly clear
that I don't really know, and if I did sir, I would have nothing to show
I'm inclined to find signs of a glow in the small things, and listen to the whispers I'm shown

I looked back at that man and he took my hand and we made love right there in the streets
if you say we can't then you don't understand two spirits finding temporary peace

From there I went to the poet tree where the poets grow instead of leaves and I asked them what a poem means and they just told me to breathe

So I set myself on fire to match the passion that surrounds me
in hopes that it may inspire and let free all the poems in me

I can't believe in everything I can't believe in everyone but the birds go on singin because that's what they do and that's enough comfort for me
Track Name: In Hell (Human Condition Blues)
My time is divided between social and self
I've got no mind for mental health
My self is split between
pleasure and help
my guilt runs deeper than Hell

I try my hardest to be someone else
Told you time and again that I know how you felt
It always seems that the snow tends to melt
analyzing the climate is always private
here in Hell

I'm lashin' my back now, I'm tightening up the belt
leavin' myself with these memorable welts
I'm countin' on friendship while counting up my wealth
but the memories burn and the pages turn here in Hell

I got my line of thought now, I've got my prayers
I've got my desires locked in dark layers
I wish there was some way that we could share
but what keeps us compelled is vindictive indifference in Hell

So what do you know that I don't
what will you do that I won't
seems I only shine under the lightening bold
but it glows so well, the light is so bright here in Hell

There's really no limit on my dismissive ways
so many submissive on my skill to persuade
the sun shines fine as the stars all fade
as the minion voices quell they'll find their place to rebel here in Hell
Track Name: Posthumous Decision
I am gone
but I'll sing this song
for you, my friend
a song never ends

If I get lost
in spirit or in thought
don't search for me
I rest while I flee

The Earth and the sky
the water and the fire
need me to breathe
so I think I'll stay