I Have No Home Planet

by Average Joey

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These songs were written in between the Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013

A huge Thank You to Ben Roberson, who recorded this album for free out of the kindness in his heart, and had to listen to my silly songs at nauseum

Also, a thank you to everyone who has made the last year of my life the most fun I've ever had. Do it yourself music, and the friends that make it all possible provide me a glow of hope in an increasingly shadowy world. The fact that such magic can happen without outside interference or intrusion is more meaningful than we realize, I think. Thank you for the dance parties, the sing-a-longs, the living room floors, that shot of whiskey, and the permanent hearing damage. Never Stop.


released May 19, 2013

Music and lyrics written by Joey Schuller
Recorded and mixed by Ben Roberson in various living rooms and basements of Pittsburgh, PA
Artwork by Brendan Robison



Track Name: I Have No Home Planet
Today just feels like a wasted day
Wrote a song but crumpled the page
Bought smokes with scrounged up change
Walked down the street and thought about the way

Maybe I’m just at that age
Every place feels like a cage
I can feel this pressing weight
Of a world full of worry, in the vacant age

I just can’t see
How anyone would wanna live this way
Maybe I’m just at that age
But I don’t think I’m ever gonna change
Gotta find an outlet for that rage
Or I’m likely to combust
Which voice in my head should I trust?

Just because I scream
I know that doesn’t mean
My words are getting through
To any of you

I hope the world isn’t what it seem
All I can do is dream
Because the future’s looking bleak
Our vision is blurry and our wills are weak

We follow rules we swear that we hate
We destroy faster than we create
We know things are wrong
But we duck our heads and carry on

We build it up just to tear it all down
We can do something great but I have my doubts
Because our mind are corrupt
And it seems like people have given up

We’re all planning our escape route
Looking for a way out
Of this cylcle of these slums
But our get away driver never comes

Were all ready to start new
But we’ve got to pay our dues
So we accept what we’ve become
Talk about “someday” but it never comes

Got a bunch of junk mail for every letter that I sent
A pile of plastic for the money that I spent
This is not the way for me
So just stay away from me

I wish I had one response to the letters that I sent
Something to show for the time that I spent
Thinking of what to do
Instead of standing up and starting to move
Track Name: It's Hard to Overthrow When You're Under the Influence
We all get together
To make it all better
But for what?
But for what?
We’re just young
And we’re just drunk
So we dream in dark basements
And we don’t’ give a fuck
we are striving for something
But we aren’t sure what
Well what if we stood up?
What if we showed them our guts?
Let’s get off our asses
I’m not asking for much
Cuz I swear we can make the changes
In ourselves and in the world
That we scream about
That we dream about
In these basements

If you’re near me
If you can hear me
If you feel how I’m feeling
You can tell
this is hell
and we can’t fix it by screaming

The voice of reason
Will be labeled treason
Muffled by the absurd it will go unheard
I’m told to quit my belly achin
Quit my trouble makin’
But this has to be done

Were all very sick
We just cover up the symptoms
Theres no need for a cure
Because the money’s in the medicine
The money’s in the menacing ways
They distract us from our fate
The get us to do what they say
Push illusions of freedom on a pack of slaves
And make children pledge allegiance every day

Everyone wants to be normal
But I can’t see why
Not me
Not me
Because normalcy is complacency
We’re all very weak
We’re licking our wounds
But we don’t know our own strength
They’ve got us subdued
In times like these it’s hard to find
People who are really alive
Because everyone’s asleep
With their eyes on a screen
But if your hearts on fire
And you can feel the coming disaster
If you swear to no god
And you answer to no master
If you can’t stand the way the world is
but you dream enough to see
how it could be
how it should be
If we shook this apathy

Because our reality
Feels like dystopian stories
Were living what Orwell warned us about
The whole world has gone insane
The lies are deeply engrained
and our time is running out

So if you’re pissed, than raise your fist
Against these tyrants kings and capitalists
Who seem to control everything and everyone

Were underdogs but we have common ground
Were all tired of being around
We can never lose if we act as one

We’re gonna fight
Like we’ve got a chance to win
If we die
At least we tried
At least we never gave in
Our colors will show
The world will know
The thickness of our skin
We’re gonna fight
And we’re gonna win
Track Name: This Land Is Our Land (Private Property: No Tresspassing)
When I read “Private Property”
A sign stapled to a tree
I think that’s got to be
The worst thing I’ve ever seen

So I go right on by
That no trespassing sign
When you disregard the rules
They no longer apply

How dare you tell I’m not allowed
To use these feet to walk around
This ain’t your world, I live here too
We belong to the Earth, it don’t belong to you

I was layin on th beach one night starin’ up at the sky
Trying to clear my mind until a cop rolled by
He said I had to go inside
Or I would be fined
What a terrible crime

I am not an American
I was just born between some lines in the sand
War is just another team sport
Root for the home team, fly your flag in support

If the natives of this land knew
what we white devils would do
Maybe they would have been a little hesitant
To show us around and be so generous

They loved land, respected every living thing
But we slaughtered them all, happy thanksgiving!
Genocide is genocide, They all died,
our history books are full of lies

You say I live in the home of the brave
Where all the people pay to be slaves
Where the only thing people care about
Is the contents of your bank account

You say I live in the land of the free
Where they can lock me up indefinitely
I won’t be hard to find when they come for me
I’ll be screamin’ hypocracy

And if terrorism is the act of inciting fear
I’d say we’ve got plenty of that right here
Because I am afraid
Of this monster that weve made
In the USA

Red white and blue are the colors of freedom
But when they’re flashing and you see them
In your rearview mirror
You are stricken with fear
Its clear there’s no freedom here
Track Name: We Fall and Rise Our Entire Lives
I am a man of many faces
But I only display the cowardly one
I acknowledge the pain and the sorrow
But I’m too busy having my fun to help anyone

As for my beliefs well don’t ask me
Just talk to my friends and enemies
Their words are the closest I’ll ever come
To the convictions I can’t hold because I’m too numb

C part
I’m always embarrassed and feeling disgraced
I feel uncomfortable in every place
I don’t want to sound ignorant so I’ve got nothing to say
But I keep on trying, I guess that makes me insane

I can’t think and I can’t breathe
I can’t stay and I can’t leave
I can’t sleep and I can’t dream
I can’t believe that I’m so weak

I’m always figiting, my nerves are shot
Living life at the bottom of the coffee pot
I’ve got my comforts, sugar and cream
None of this is real, I must be living the dream

Another bandage is not what I need
In order to heal, I’ve got to bleed
All the songs I hear and all the books I read
Are all telling me I’ve got to flee

C part
So I run like hell but I can’t tell
If I’m chasing a dream or I’m being chased
Do I have a destination
Or am I running away

But if I stop my heart will burst into flames
My bones will break and my voice will shake
My whole body will disintegrate
I’ll hide my shame by crawling into the grave

I’ve been doing the best with what I’ve been given
But what should I do with everything I take?
I’ve bent all these rules but they’re bound to break
And so am I, I need a break

Everything I do is half hearted
every feeling I have gets disregarded
This will end just where it started
With nothing
Track Name: Luddite Life in Escapists' Paradise
I’m really worried about the way
My little brothers sit infront of a screen all day
They never go out and play on a sunny day
They’d rather sit inside and play video games

At this rate they will never learn
How to be kids, get dirty and hurt
Having no imagination will effect their lives
I tell my mother that I’m worried, she changes channels and sighs

Mom, if you’re listening now, I hope you know it’s because I care
I’m singing this song to cry out to you, because I am really scared
Of what this world of ours will be like if we live our lives through screens
I just don’t want the people I love
To become machines

I’m standing against a whole generation
Of brain dead kids all across this nation
Who take it all for granted and have infatuations
With a shiny little box of instant gratification

Can’t you see that these devices are distractions
From the beauty of the world and human interaction
It sounds like a joke but the robots are taking control
Our brains are dead but we continue to scroll

So if you are listening now, I urge you to put that cell phone down
Take your blinder off and look around, see the sights and hear the sounds
If you can break those chains you will clearly see, theres more to life than that fucking screen
We are human beings we are not machines
Track Name: To Do Lists Do Not Equal Raised Fists
Lately I’ve been talkin’ a lot about who I’m gonna be
Talk all day and night about the future that I see
But I’m starting to realize that nothing’s gonna happen
Nothing’s gonna change unless we but thoughts into action

I’m getting sick and tired of these kinds of days
When I just sit around and prophesize but I don’t do a damn thing
I’ve got to confront the two sides of my brain
If we’re gonna be what we want to be we gotta make a change

I like having fun as much as the next man
And I try to raise the issue
But all my friends are doing keg stands

Im just as guilty as the next man
But if were gonna make a difference
We’ve got to head in a new direction

Music switch up
Slower part:

I am tired of lying in every song I write
I am tired relying on the system that I fight
I’m tired of being denied my human rights
I’m of letting other people control my fucking life

I’m tired of rich assholes who think they represent me
They tie us down and shut our mouths and we worship them at rallies
They take private jets while we struggle to survive
They keep us stupid so we’re easy to control, so we believe all their lies

I don’t know when this madness will stop
I’m tired of always being scared shitless of the cops
Because if they want, they can lock me away
And if I fight back, they’ll shoot me dead, and everyone thinks that’s okay

I want the courage to stand up for what I believe
And that means we got to mean it when we scream FUCK THE POLICE
Because if a cop was here right now, I would be quiet
That fear is what keeps us here instead of standing up and starting a riot

I’m tired of staying in one spot
I’m tired of pretending I have one good reason not to quit my day job
I want to do what I want until the day I die
Because this life of mine means more to me than a fucking dollar sign

I’m bored of all this safety and security
The routines instead of dreams, the monotony for commodities
I’m tired of being told I can’t change a thing
And I’m tired of being bossed around by tyrants and kings

I want to know what it’s like to be free
And I don’t mean the indoctrinated fairy tale that this country claims to be
I’m tired of screaming for help, waiting for someone else
I’ve got to find my own way out of this hell, so I keep singing to myself?

I want to finally practice what I preach
I want to live according to my own philosophies
I want to stop saying I want to and say I will
I’m trying so hard to feel alive, it’s gonna get get me killed

It’s hard to be a martyer
Whey you’ve got nothing to die for
It’s hard to be an honest man
Unless I call myself a liar
It’s hard to write my own story book
When I have no idea who I am
And it’s hard to say I’m a loner
When I‘ve got so many friends
It’s hard to change the world
If I never even give it a try
It’s hard to be a hero
If I know I’m not the good guy
It’s hard to be prince charming
With no damsel in distress
And it’s hard to accept applause
When I know you’re not impressed
Track Name: Obligatory Self-Deprecating Song
I’m big ball of indecision
I can’t chose my kind of hypocrisy
I’m a liar and a poser
Everyone here is better than me
I’m just the loudest
But I’m just as lost as anyone else
I may hear your words
But I’ll never know what you felt
I’ve got just enough potential
To piss it all away
I am destined to disappoint you
I’ll have no profound words on my dying day
I understand less about the world
With every minute that goes by
I’ll never be as wise
As when I was a kid staring up at the sky

A self depreciating song
Doesn’t mean I’ll change a thing
I don’t know what to say
That is why I sing


If you write the word verse above some random ramblings
It suddenly becomes a song
So I picked up a guitar
And I beg people to sing along
If you put a few chords behind your internal struggle
People seem to pay attention
And maybe since I’m singin’ it
Somebody will finally listen
To my meaningless message
About what is and what could be
Get involved in my self indulgence
So I can burn out fast and die immediately
I don’t know why you’re listening to me
I don’t know any better than you
I don’t know a Goddamn thing
And fuck anyone who says they do

Even though I question myself
I’m not givin’ up on my dreams
I just can’t find any answers
That is why I scream

If you’re looking for some famous last words
The final lines in my suicide note
If you need something to write on my tombstone
Let it be this, and I quote:

Track Name: The Effects of Light Pollution On My Struggle With Humanity
The moon is looming over
Frowning and drowning in all the city lights
He used to illuminate the night
But now his shine is obsolete

I used to admire the big buildings
But now they make me feel so small
Trapped and lost and clostrophobic
Choking on exhaust fumes and smog

The bustle is so loud
I can hardly hear the music in the clouds
My thoughts they drown
In the harsh machinery sounds of this town

Hard strum

The map in the stars
is overpowered by these glowing towers
They write out a warning
A tour guide to our doom that will go unseen

Is it too much to ask\
For a patch of grass to rest my head on
Nothing I can say
Will reverse this concrete blanket so vast and gray

All these walls
they block the view they squew the scenery
there is an imbalance
this is not the way the world should be

I used to admire the city
But now it makes me realize
The mess we’ve made of this beautiful place
Our filth even reaches the sky

Hard strum

This planet is a prison
I feel so restricted in the atmosphere
I need to ponder on some distant stars
Because it’s too late for us here

All is concrete
Not a patch left of green
What’s left of the Earth
Is left broken and dirty howling fro mercy

Star gazing is my only escape
The only way to ignore our fate
But if I lay in the street I’ll get hit by a car
I just want to lay with the stars
Track Name: Camelot (The Queer Steer)
We were all lost souls
Searching for meaning to replace
Our troubled minds and wonderlust
A finish line in an endless race
So we started an army
We recruited and embraced
If were gonna start a revolution
Were gonna need a home base

For the thinkers and dreamers
The poets and screamers
The soap box preachers
And the hopeless believers

Lovers and losers,
all are welcome here
If we work together
there’s nothing to fear
Fuck ups and boozers
our time is here
just bring your passions
we’ll supply the beer

All I desire
Is to be inspired
They will come
If you start the fire

I’m doing better than ever
If I’m only as good as the company I keep
For the first time in my life
I can’t wait to wake up when I fall asleep

I’ve always had a place to stay
But they all made me feel alone
I’ve had plenty of houses
But now I have a home

If I haven’t made it perfectly clear
I love all of you
I feel like the end is near
Because this seems too good be true

I’ve always had plenty of friends
They’ve always been good to me
But now I know what It’s like
To have a family
Track Name: My Own Advice
I’m not greeting anyone but my hands are shaking
And when I said it couldn’t hurt I must’ve been mistaken

I try to spark a conversation but it leads to the weather
I try to form an opinion but someone else says it better

Its hard to justify playing preacher to you
When I don’t have a clue myself, what can I do?

All this nonsense has got me thinking
Life’s a musical, and I’m lip syncing

I know what must be done but can’t find the time
Because meaningless tasks and distractions occupy my mind

I’m using my youth as a lousy excuse
To sit idly by Im tying myself a noose

The only thing I do is feed my addictions
But change seems strange when you afraid of your own convictions

I guess I’d have nothing to sing about if my life were perfect
But when I think about the future I just feel sick

Someone once told me:
There are 2 kinds kinds of people in this world
The blissfully ignorant and the dreadfully informed

Well I feel dreadfully ignorant I don’t know what’s worse
I also feel alive and inspire but sometimes it comes as a curse

My mind has made up it’s mind, my body feels the pull
But I feel helpless here and my fears are powerful

Knowledge is a burden, but a responsibility too
They fuel a raging fire inside me and you

But we try to dose that flame with a bottle of booze
Screamin “The world is so fucked up, we might as well be fucked up too”

Blood is thicker than water but this liquor is thicker still
If you wanna talk power struggles lets start with power of will

We use these booze as a crutch but it makes us fall over
I mumble when I’m drunk, but even worse when I’m sober

All I want is for everyone to have a good time
But I’m afraid were gonna burn out before we get our moment to shine

I know people are evil, they’ve destroyed the world and I hate it
But I can’t say I hate something without trying to change it

How can I say I hate everything, I’m surrounded by people I love
I mean that with all my heart, but I’m calling our bluff

I know were all worm food and this is all meaningless
We are a mutation on a hunk of rock floating in they abyss

Well let’s create our own meaning and cherish the beauty that’s left
Lets take advantage of this before we catch up with death

I can think of so many reasons to love your life
but I never have been one to take my own advice