Get Lost (Split)

by Average Joey + Crisp Lake

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This album was written and recorded in a period of time when Chris and I decided to reject reality

Thanks to:
First and foremost to Ben Roberson for recording this for us, and being our best friend. Also: Eric Lutz, Boo, Laura Lee, Brendan Robison, Delilah Spring, The Rail Yard Ghosts, The Manx, Evolver tattoo, Davey (for the washboard), Craig's Mom, Dylan ChiefBuffalo, Pat Sunseri, the Bush administration, Brittnie, Jesse (wherever he is), Jeff from Philly, Ben's sister, James Way, Ryan Williams, Dakota Bahney, Emile, people who give us money or food when we play on the street, people who just smile when we play on the street, and everyone who helped us plan our tour


released August 9, 2013

This album was recorded and mixed by Ben Roberson (Except tracks 2 and 8 which were recorded by Eric Lutz)

Music and lyrics by Joey Schuller and Chris Blake (Except the music for track one, which is a good ol' folk song)

Artwork by Delilah Spring



Track Name: Average Joey - Goin' Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way)
Goin' down the road feelin' bad
I ain't gonna be treated this way

Goin' where the water tastes like wine
I ain't gonna be treated this way

Playin' music on the road feelin' bad
playin' music on the street just to get a bite to eat
I ain't gonna be treated this way

When the Rail Yard Ghosts came to town
When those travel folks came to town
I don't know about you
but I don't mind havin' them around
I sure do like being treated this way

The sink is always empty when they're here
I don't care how they dress
at least they clean up their own mess
that's more than I can say for any of you

Say what you will about our smell
We are livin pretty well
we might be a little hungry
but at least we're living free
I ain't gonna be treated this way

The neighbors always gotta ruin our fun
I think they're just jealous 'cuz we're young
They are really bored
so they call the land lord
and say "those dirty kids are singin' songs again"

I don't like that landlord
I don't like that land ownin' man
He comes to the show
says we can't play songs no more
and I aint gonna be treated this way

So I'll hit the road and I'll feel bad
I'll keep an eye out for that police man
When you're livin' your dream
people look at you like your crazy
I ain't gonna be treated this way
Track Name: Average Joey - Go Fast, Turn Left
I don’t have the answers
But I have got some questions
My body’s covered in cancers
No I never learn my lesson

The cosmos as my witness
I will make a difference
But its hard to give a shit
in this shitless existance

Well I’ve played your little games
Your society’s insane
That’s why I’m doin’ so much damage to my brain

Because your games are fuckin’ rigged
For the assholes and the pigs
Well I’m livin in the dirt but I learned to dig

I’m diggin’ your grave

Well it’s time for detonation
In this dead end nation
They keep us complacent
In our picket fence isolation

Afraid of communication
Feed fear through a TV station
Tell me who’s the terrorist in this equation

We’re here to overcome
To make you face what you’ve done
You revolve around us and we are one

You can’t burn the sun
Actions can’t be undone
I’m tired of hiding, this time I won’t run

We’re not afraid

You’ve got no power here
I’m not giving in to the fear
Even with blurred vision
I see through the smoke and mirrors

My mind is all messed up
I’ve done too many drugs
Or not quite enough
but I’m wise enough to know I don’t need your stuff

You bow down to your boss
Or you bow down to a cross
You worship these commodities,
How much do your gods cost

So work and buy and save
That consumer induced haze
Your life is made up of work days
Well I think that’s a waste

I ain’t no slave

I’m diggin’ your grave
I’m not afraid
I aint no slave
I’m diggin’ your grave
Track Name: Average Joey - Am I Cool Yet?
Why do you smoke?
Why do you smoke?
They kill you,
They make you choke

But cigarettes are cool

Can’t fuckin’ breathe
Can’t fuckin’ run
Smokin’ in the cold
Ain’t no fun

Cigarettes are cool

Talk shit on government
They tax my addiction
Talk shit on corporations
Gotta get my fix

Cigarettes are cool

Spend all my money
To make myself die
There are cheaper forms
Of suicide

But cigarettes are cool

Both my parents died
From lung cancer
If you wanna be hip
there’s only one answer

cigarettes are cool

I think nicotine
Is fuckin’ incredible
So I say fuck
The surgeon general

cigarettes are cool

I don’t got the balls
To blow my brains out
So I make the process
Really drawn out

Cigarettes are cool

I just really
Wanna be dead
But I can’t tie a noose
So I smoke instead

So if you have a death wish
put your lighters in the air
if you wheeze when you breath
and you still don’t care

cigarettes are cool

I’ll indulge in my addiction
I’m a walking dirty habit
But mines gonna kill me
Before I quit

I’m a fuckin’ fool

But at least I’m cool!
Track Name: Average Joey - One Earth, One Mind
Well look at us now. so profound and well rounded
somehow this know how will keep us grounded
But our ears are numbed from the industrial hum
And our eyes are blind from reflection of where we come from

We come from the air
We come from the sea
from the land that gives us all we need

But we burn the trees
That help us breathe
We keep feeding the disease of greed

I think theres something in the water
I’m choking on this poisoned air
All destruction is self destruction
Theres no difference between indifference and dispair

So dig a hole and toss me in I want to live inside the Earth
My only purpose my only worth is go back to the dirt
Where I’m from I wish to return maybe then I’ll finally learn
But it might be all covered up by time its my turn

In broken glass
And plastic bags
The remains of engrained behaviors

Our grave has been paved
With the latest upgrades
Images of our hallow saviors

These and more Will lace the floor
When we embrace our open sore
What will we learn when it’s our turn
Will be grow or will we burn?

We won’t find salvation in the allegience we have sworn
No warnings or reform will stop the coming storm
No policies or philosophies or self defeating technologies
We’ll have to die before we are reborn

Spirit and mind
All is divine
We are all we see

Don’t be blind
To our common ties
I am you and you are me

From the creatures we step on to the blazing cosmos
The sleeping cells the air we breathe
We’re all born from the same beautiful chaos
When we realize we are one we will be free
Track Name: Average Joey - Camelot pt. 2
The fire’s been pissed out and
We always had our doubts but
Where do we run to now?
We may have been lost but look what we’ve found

We were livin’ the dream but
We woke up cold and alone
Hiding in our comfort zones
Our house is full but noone’s home

We’re all standing still
But we’re all on the run
We’ve had our fun and that’s pretty clear
From the smell of stale beer and the lingering fears

The neighbors all hate us
They don’t even know our names
Our community is at stake
In a maze of locks and gates

This house is cracking at it’s foundations
And I wish that was only a metaphor
But with one false move we’ll all fall through the floor
Buried under the rubble, good thing we never lock the door

Sweeping the floor I found a note
From friends I’ll never see again that said
Thanks for letting us crash the show was great
But now we’ve gotta be on our way

Our resolutions were never met
Were all still smoking cigarettes
But we aren’t dead yet
No matter how hard we try we aren’t dead yet

No we aren’t dead yet
I wish I could say the same for all of our friends
Some of them are actually dead
Some of them have been taken away some of them fled

Some of them just lost touch
Some got lost in that wonderlust
But I still love you all the same
That love remains
Somewhere in the back of my brain
and I guess that’s enough

It’s been great to have a place to rest
But lately I’ve been feeling restless
From my bed I see nothing new
Im tired of lists telling me what to do

This house is a wreck
My life is a mess
But I’m not dead yet
Where do I run to next?
Track Name: Crisp Lake - Round 'Em Up (Not Raw Hide)
they're on the hunt for the last hermit on earth/ he dared to shun concrete and asphault for dirt/ he tried to rin but the ground he walks is cursed/ fruitlessly search there's no oasis in this wasteland
the dogs are on the trace his scent calls them home/ they love the chase their mouths boil o'er with foam/ they know their place they know better than to roam/ fervently loyal we could learn so much from them
conspiracy theorists round em up
introverts and dropouts
libertines and thinkersradicals and wanderers " "
i once aspired to be the devil himself/ i so admired men hanged and locked in cells/ we co-conspired to drag this town to hell but the world beat us to the punch
now i wear this mask am possessed by the state/with every burning book i wipe clean the slate for this ant colony we call the human race
Track Name: Crisp Lake - Three Sleepers
Three sleepers smoking pot in the gravel lot by the covered bride/ One wakes up when the sun goes down one wont ever make it off his parents couch/ Ones playing the game the honest way in the hopes of making a difference/
And we'd sing folk punk songs and we adopted a dog till the ownders had second thoughts/ and we'd hike way too far to get away from people and cars spend the day skippin rocks/ But we knew it wouldn't last when they cut the high grass brought in trailers that smell like horses and ass/ or maybe it was just time that passed and our paths were doomed to scatter/ Now two sleepers have set off to settle waking matters/ I hope only to sleep it off until next we gatherC/Em/D
But i don't wanna wake up to find you leashed to a white collar/ I hope you live more comfortably than me but I hope its not through the dollar
SO promise me when you use that degree in politics or psychology to infiltrate the ranks of mainstream society/ That you won't get jaded you won't forget how to dream/ When you're climbing the ladder and the coast is clear and you see the wheel I hope you know which way to steer
I've got a middle aged body and a teenagers shoes/ Only problem is I'm twenty 22/ And I traded a middle class upbringing for poverty and the blues it'll hold true for me I'm glad it won't hold true for you
Track Name: Crisp Lake - Goodbye
Did a two year stint in the halls of higher learnin kept wonderin if anyone else saw the bars on the windows/ Or was I the only one yearning for the open road/ Endless search for pastures unsold/ I was a taxi driver in the pioneer valley/ Driving drunks and addicts to frat house and alleys/ Did overnights in the greater philadelphia area/ Maybe you can tell me whats scarier/ never seeing the sun or never seeing a paycheck/ Asking your friends for scraps or hours of your boss/ Knowing exactly what comes next or leaving it up to a coin toss
But i'd keep life on my back and my death in a pack or a pouch/ I'd trade showers for rivers warm beds for hard floors and couches/ I'd rather lie to my family about long term plans and the state of my health than lie to myself/ I'd rather not see my hometown friends than risk becoming just another one of them/ Maybe they feel the same
Who the hell sends postcards these days/ We correspond through the same font same screen same color scheme/ No one in this world would recognize my handwriting/ So if you call me and I let it ring out like a dying chord/ It just means that I need you to record.
Track Name: Crisp Lake - For Now
I wasn't hiding I was deciding/ Decided against deciding too soon/ Dreaming of train cars/ Dust clouds my trademark/ Hallmark moments for the ungroomed/ But the worlds not like my parents house/ Timeless untouched in a suburban dome/ If i roam i've resigned to its doom/ So i descend into the underworld/ With nothing but a broken sword/ I plan on bringing back a boon
Christopher McCandless found solitude a little less satisfying than he expected/ Maybe it was the berrys or maybe he was dying to be reconnected/ He said happiness is nothin if not shared and to forget you it'll take more than new faces and fresh air/ So if you leave on your porch light/ You might find reading on your deck one night/ We'll catch up over shitty beers and I'll be gone by lunch time/ With you stashed safely in the back of my mind
Track Name: Crisp Lake - The Cage
I've been counting your gold wire ribs/ I keep losing track at 666/
And i keep swooning to the tune of a pulmonary canary/
Danglin there in disrepair like a pitted cherry/ Doll your heat beats me to death/ Whats that pounding in my head/
And i wanna rip it from its cage/ too long its been locked away/ Woo ooh Oooh ooOh We'll be dancing on our graves
You sit wings clipped regret spilled out on the floor/ I wanna mop you up but for this pounding