Album Teaser // Crowd Pleasers

by Average Joey

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This was a quickly put together mix, so I'd have some new music to go on tour with. It features Comp tracks, Covers, and A Couple songs from the upcoming full-length scheduled to be released in May. Download it for Free ! A big thanks to Ben Roberson for recording for zero cost.


released April 25, 2013

All music and lyrics written by Joey Schuller (except track 5: HEY! What's up? which is a 4 Non Blondes cover)

Art Work by Laura Lee Burkhardt

Recorded and mixed by Ben Roberson in various living rooms of Pittsburgh, PA



Track Name: Shop, Drop, and Roll
We need to grow the balls
To burn all the shopping malls
Every time I see one I get scared and depressed

So lets fill our pockets up
With bricks and rocks and such
We’ll smash everything that the humans made and we’ll dance in whatever’s left

There’s no way you can harm us
Try to stab us and starve us
We’ve already done that to ourselves

There’s no way you can stop us
There are too many among us
Just try filling up all your cells

There’s a lot of things in this world
That I’d love to destroy
No more advertisements or tv screens
And then we can enjoy
Each others company without companies
Trying to tell us what we need
We could just live our lives however we please

If we’re gonna help our cause
Were gonna have to break some laws
Break down all these barricades and walls

Without nations or borders
There’d be no such thing as a foreigner
All for one and one for all

If we realize money is fake
We wouldn’t work jobs we hate
To drive a nice car, to live a lie

If we all just burn the cash
There’d be no wars of class
Our pockets will empty on the day we die

If youre feeling abused then it’s time to overtake
Because if there’s cracks in the system then it’s bound to break
And if they’re livin’ large then they’re bound to fall
And if were still singin songs, then there’s hope for us all

Theres a lot of things in this world
That I’d love to destroy
No more landlords or billboards
And then we can enjoy
Each other’s company if it was up to me
We would just take what we need?
But were gonna have to set some fires if we wanna set ourselves free
Track Name: It's Hard To Overthrow When You're Under The Influence
We all get together
To make it all better
But for what?
But for what?
We’re just young
And we’re just drunk
So we dream in dark basements
And we don’t’ give a fuck
we are striving for something
But we aren’t sure what
Well what if we stood up?
What if we showed them our guts?
Let’s get off our asses
I’m not asking for much
Cuz I swear we can make the changes
In ourselves and in the world
That we scream about
That we dream about
In these basements

If you’re near me
If you can hear me
If you feel how I’m feeling
You can tell
this is hell
and we can’t fix it by screaming

The voice of reason
Will be labeled treason
Muffled by the absurd it will go unheard
I’m told to quit my belly achin
Quit my trouble makin’
But this has to be done

Were all very sick
We just cover up the symptoms
Theres no need for a cure
Because the money’s in the medicine
The money’s in the menacing ways
They distract us from our fate
The get us to do what they say
Push illusions of freedom on a pack of slaves
And make children pledge allegiance every day

Everyone wants to be normal
But I can’t see why
Not me
Not me
Because normalcy is complacency
We’re all very weak
We’re licking our wounds
But we don’t know our own strength
They’ve got us subdued
In times like these it’s hard to find
People who are really alive
Because everyone’s asleep
With their eyes on a screen
But if your hearts on fire
And you can feel the coming disaster
If you swear to no god
And you answer to no master
If you can’t stand the way the world is
but you dream enough to see
how it could be
how it should be
If we shook this apathy

Because our reality
Feels like dystopian stories
Were living what Orwell warned us about
The whole world has gone insane
The lies are deeply engrained
and our time is running out

So if you’re pissed, than raise your fist
Against these tyrants kings and capitalists
Who seem to control everything and everyone

Were underdogs but we have common ground
Were all tired of being around
We can never lose if we act as one

We’re gonna fight
Like we’ve got a chance to win
If we die
At least we tried
At least we never gave in
Our colors will show
The world will know
The thickness of our skin
We’re gonna fight
And we’re gonna win
Track Name: Am I Cool Yet?
Why do you smoke?
Why do you smoke?
They kill you,
They make you choke

But cigarettes are cool

Can’t fuckin’ breathe
Can’t fuckin’ run
Smokin’ in the cold
Ain’t no fun

Talk shit on government
They tax my addiction
Talk shit on corporations
Gotta get my fix

Spend all my money
To make myself die
There are cheaper forms
Of suicide

Both my parents died
From lung cancer
If you wanna be hip
there’s only one answer

I think nicotine
Is fuckin’ incredible
So I say fuck
The surgeon general

I don’t got the balls
To blow my brains out
So I make the process
Really drawn out

I just really
Wanna be dead
But I can’t tie a noose
So I smoke instead

So if you have a death wish
put your lighters in the air
if you wheeze when you breath
and you still don’t care

I’ll indulge in my addiction
I’m a walking dirty habit
But mines gonna kill me
Before I quit

I’m a fuckin’ fool

But at least I’m cool!
Track Name: Luddite Lyfe in Escapists' Paradise
I’m really worried about the way
My little brothers sit infront of a screen all day
They never go out and play on a sunny day
They’d rather sit inside and play video games

At this rate they will never learn
How to be kids, get dirty and hurt
Having no imagination will effect their lives
I tell my mother that I’m worried, she changes channels and sighs

Mom, if you’re listening now, I hope you know it’s because I care
I’m singing this song to cry out to you, because I am really scared
Of what this world of ours will be like if we live our lives through screens
I just don’t want the people I love
To become machines

I’m standing against a whole generation
Of brain dead kids all across this nation
Who take it all for granted and have infatuations
With a shiny little box of instant gratification

Can’t you see that these devices are distractions
From the beauty of the world and human interaction
It sounds like a joke but the robots are taking control
Our brains are dead but we continue to scroll

So if you are listening now, I urge you to put that cell phone down
Take your blinder off and look around, see the sights and hear the sounds
If you can break those chains you will clearly see, theres more to life than that fucking screen
We are human beings we are not machines (X a lot)
Track Name: Camelot (The Queer Steer)
We were all lost souls
Searching for meaning to replace
Our troubled minds and wonderlust
A finish line in an endless race
So we started an army
We recruited and embraced
If were gonna start a revolution
Were gonna need a home base

For the thinkers and dreamers
The poets and screamers
The soap box preachers
And the hopeless believers

Lovers and losers,
all are welcome here
If we work together
there’s nothing to fear
Fuck ups and boozers
our time is here
just bring your passions
we’ll supply the beer

All I desire
Is to be inspired
They will come
If you start the fire

I’m doing better than ever
If I’m only as good as the company I keep
For the first time in my life
I can’t wait to wake up when I fall asleep

I’ve always had a place to stay
But they all made me feel alone
I’ve had plenty of houses
But now I have a home

If I haven’t made it perfectly clear
I love all of you
I feel like the end is near
Because this seems too good be true

I’ve always had plenty of friends
They’ve always been good to me
But now I know what It’s like
To have a family